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Composite Veneers

Damaged teeth can be fixed with custom cosmetic bonding with minimal removal of your tooth structure.

Black Triangle

Tired of getting food stuck between your front teeth? Unsightly “Black Triangles”, spaces between your teeth can be corrected with Bioclear system. Bioclear allows bonding of your teeth without need of health tooth structure removal nor multiple visits.


Broken Crown

Ill-fitting, broken crowns can be replaced to give you a natural looking smile.

Modern Porcelain Crowns

Unlike old crowns with metal showing, new crowns can be matched to existing teeth to give it a natural looking smile.

Dark Tooth

Tired of your black tooth? Modern crowns can mask the dark color to give you a more confident smile.

Old Bridges

Existing dental work can be made new


Unsightly and missing teeth can be treated with dentures, creating a new smile.

Invisible Orthodontic Treatment


Teeth straightening done without traditional metal braces. Straighter teeth not only look better but prevents plaque trap which is associated with heart damage.

Lower Teeth Straightening

Less crowding offers healthier teeth and gums with better alignment

Diastema spacing

Gap between teeth can be corrected with simple tooth movement in short amount of time

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